'Tis More Blessed - Week 4

Welcome to our last Friday of 'Tis More Blessed. The following authors are giving away
their books today, so be sure to enter as many raffles as you can. I know I will!

James Garcia Jr.   Stephen V. Ramey   Yolanda Renee   M.K. Theodoratus
Stephanie Loree   Jeff Beesler   Jeff Chapman   M Pepper Langlinais 
 Sherry Ellis   Martin Willoughby   E. Catherine Tobler   Tyrean Martinson
Peter Coleborn   Chrysoula Tzavelas   Stevie Carroll   Anne Barwell
Kristy Gillespie   Misha Gericke   Lexa Cain   Roland Yeomans

Up for grabs this week: A copy of Unseen Things
Enter to win: Click Here

Unseen Things collects 7 flash-sized tales in the slipstream, horror, and science fiction genres.
"From Scheol My Soulfire Burns" - The cursor blinks. This white veil awaits my next thought.
"Imaginary Friendships Aren't the Easiest to Break" - Bernard felt things no one else did.
"You Kill Me" - Looking at you now, it's tough sometimes to see the person I fell in love with.
"While She Sleeps, Mountains Tremble" - The child looked as much like an angel as anything could, innocence incarnate.
"Darker Ever After" - I'm too old for this.
"Autonomic Zen and the Art of Destruction" - Unit X11-76 entered the universe as more than a null set but far less than an infinite number of possibilities.
"A Monster By Any Other Name" - Sometimes he really hated being seven.
Thanks for stopping by, and please spread the word: #Tismoreblessed!


  1. Unseen Things sounds like a book I would be interested in. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thanks for hosting the event! (And I already have Unseen Things.)

  3. UnSeen Things was a great and riveting read. Thanks for allowing me in with such illustrious company. :-)

  4. The sheer awesomeness of my fellow authors knows no bounds. Thanks for pulling together this great event, Milo!

  5. Hope your holidays are great Milo! I've entered a few of the contests and giveaways. This Friday Freebies and Tis More Blessed was a great idea, and the response from authors is very nice to see.

  6. This was such a fun event, Milo! Thanks again for hosting it. And Unseen Things looks fantastic.
    Happy New Year to you!

  7. Thanks again for thinking of me, my friend. I would love to be entered in your contest. Having read your work I trust you've got some good stuff there, and I would enjoy reading your work again. I have been so busy writing of late that I look forward to visiting these participating blogs and checking out their work as well.
    Take care and Happy New Year to you and yours. Cheers!


  8. Thank you for running this wonderful giveaway!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Thanks, Milo! Hope your holidays are going great.

  10. Hi Milo - Happy Christmas and have a brilliant year ahead. Your Tis More Blessed series has pleased so many .. and been an opportunity for us to see new books .. great idea ..

    Cheers Hilary

  11. Hi Milo! You are the winner of my two books, That Mama is a Grouch and That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN. Congratulations!

    Send me an email and let me know where you'd like me to mail them. sherry.a.ellis@gmail.com

  12. Whooo! I did really well last week, with a first place and a second place in the giveaway. Let's see what I can snag this week.

    Thanks Milo and to all the generous authors -- Happy Holidays

  13. Okay, this is a VERY late posting, but I was out of town all week, there was a crisis with my blog, and I'm only now getting around to this post. Sigh. Congratulations to all the winners and participants in this fabulous giveaway. A belated Merry Christmas to you all.