Friends with Benefits

Is it time to take this relationship to the next level? Do you dare? Maybe we haven't known each other very long. Or maybe you're carrying some heavy baggage from the past, and you can't commit. Not yet.

But maybe, just maybe, now is the perfect time to throw caution to the wind and dive in headfirst. Forget about those other guys who spammed your inbox with all manner of crap. That ain't me. Not at all.

Join The Crew, and here's what you get: 5 emails a month. That's it. 4 of them are little pings letting you know about my Sunday blog posts. The 5th email? That's the good one:

The Crew's monthly newsletter. I know what you're thinking: "A newsletter? What is this, 1985?" If you'd rather think of it as a bulletin, go for it. "Wait a minute. Bulletin? Are you going to invite me to the church social or something?" Okay, fine. Let's call it a monthly email with exclusives and freebies and news that only my subscribers get to see first. There we go. How's that?

My October issue is almost ready to go out to all 75 members of The Crew. In it, they'll find the cover reveal for Yakuza Territory (it might surprise you), a new Captain Quasar tale (it might elicit a chuckle or two), a free download of my story "Dance by the Light of the Moon" (it might enthrall you), the next 5 episodes of my web serial Trouble on the Range (we're up to 25 so far, and this crazy roller-coaster is about to leave the rails behind, once and for all), not to mention a special announcement.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe today, and you'll be sure to receive this month's news report update thingy. If you don't like being a member of The Crew after a week or two, you can unsubscribe anytime. I won't take it personally. After 5 years of submitting my work to hundreds of editors and agents, I've learned to take rejection fairly well. No fetal position involved, I promise.

Now's the time, my friends. According to recent Google stats, more than 200 of you read each Sunday post here. It's time for 130 of you to take things to a whole 'nother level. Subscribe today. Benefits guaranteed.

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