This part-time-but-feels-like-full-time writing career may pay only enough to cover one out of every twelve mortgage payments, but it's not all about the money. It's about finding readers. Sure, I like to be paid for my work, and I only submit it to paying publications and publishers, but once the rights revert to me and I make my stories available on Amazon and other venues, I can afford to experiment a little.

I've tested the waters for the past couple years with freebies. I saw a TON of downloads, and many translated into purchases of my other Kindle shorts and collections. But after giving away thousands of copies, I'm trying something new. 

Every week this month, I'll be reducing the price of one of my collections to 99 cents. Care to join me? Tweet #99centnovember with a link to your title, and I'll be sure to retweet. Let's give our readers something to be thankful for. 

This week, my Captain Quasar collection is on sale:

Returning to Earth after years of gallivanting around the galaxy, Captain Quasar and the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude find that all is not well on their home planet. So of course it will be up to Quasar & Company to save the day despite overwhelming odds and unexpected setbacks. But in the end, will any of it really matter? Of course it will. In the words of the captain himself: "It's the principle of the thing!" 

13 Starfaring Tales - Space Opera / Humor 
Originally published by Ray Gun Revival Magazine and Every Day Fiction

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If you downloaded an earlier edition at some point, shoot me an email (milojamesfowler at gmail.com), and I'll send you a free copy of the updated version. If you've read Quasar's misadventures in the past and don't mind doing so, please post a review on Amazon. Let's get the captain into double digits!

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