Two Reviews Are In

It's always cool to see what readers think of your work. But when those readers are fellow writers, and when you respect the work of those writers, and when those writers have something good to say about your latest release, then their reviews tend to be twice as sweet. 

Here are a couple of excerpts from Goodreads readers / writers Martin Willoughby and Erin Cole regarding my novella Yakuza Territory:

"In order to survive, Charlie’s gonna need to be quick on his feet and even faster in wit, especially when the new enemy can plant memories and images at will."

"I do like Charlie Madison, gumshoe. This is another piece of quality fictioneering."

"No matter what situation Charlie Madison is in, he finds a way to approach it with a cool and humorous slant, even if he’s sweating bullets on the inside." 

To help more readers discover Charlie Madison's future noir adventures, I've created this site for Girl of Great Price, Immaterial Evidence, and Yakuza Territory. I've also set up a shelf in my Amazon bookstore for Charlie Madison, P.I. And I'm scheduling daily tweets with each link running alternate weeks. How's that for a crack marketing plan? I'd do more, but I'm too busy writing Charlie's next novella (and maybe a novel). Meanwhile, Yakuza Territory is now available wherever eBooks are sold:

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