Captain Quasar and the Fur Traders

Bartholomew Quasar and the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude are back in harm's way, and they're back at Perihelion Science Fiction, appearing in the October issue. This time, Hank the very hairy Carpethrian is in serious trouble as Captain Quasar faces off against Xenodian pirates intent on skinning Hank and selling his pelt. Yikes! You can check out the whole story right here.

In other Perihelion-related news, book reviewer Carol Kean was kind enough to give my novel 5 stars, and she recently posted the following on Facebook: "It's hilarious in that 'Dr. Horrible' sort of way that I love so much." Having my work compared to Dr. Horrible (or anything with Joss Whedon's name on it)? Priceless.

Ms. Kean's review of Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Space-Time Displacement Conundrum is also included in this month's issue of Perihelion, and you can read what she had to say right here, about halfway down the page.
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