Taking the Kindle Scout Route with Vic Boyo

My screwball detective novel is on Kindle Scout this month, and the more nominations it gets, the more likely it will be considered for a publishing deal with Kindle Press. The best part? Everybody who votes for Vic Boyo, Doofus Detective will receive a pre-release copy if I win a contract with Amazon. Ain't that cool?

But who the heck is Vic Boyo? He's part Sam Spade and part Inspector Clouseau. Half the mystery in this novel is wondering whether Vic Boyo is really as inept as he seems. Is he the imbecile everybody thinks he is? Or is he a true blue American hero? There's no telling how Vic Boyo's mind works, and his knack at confusing both himself and others keeps criminals on their toes.

Click here to read the first few chapters and decide if Vic is worth your vote. He'd like to think he is, so who am I to argue?
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