E is for Electric

For the month of April, all of my "A to Z" posts are directly related to my writing: the markets where I submit my work, in particular

Here's another fine online magazine that appeals to readers and writers of speculative fiction. According to Electric Spec's submission guidelines:

"We consider any story between 250 and 7000 words with speculative fiction elements. We prefer science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre, but we're willing to push the limits of traditional forms of these genres."

Pro:  a token-paying market ($20 per story) that accepts submissions by email; response time has been anywhere between 1 and 4 months, depending on whether my stories have been short-listed

Con:  form-letter rejections, even after they've held onto my work (so UN helpful) 

So far, I've submitted six of my stories to Electric Spec over the past year or so, and they've shortlisted three of them - only to reject them in the end. So I know I'm close. They're currently considering one of my "Soul Smuggler" tales, and I'm hoping this one makes the cut.

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