G is for GUD

For the month of April, all of my "A to Z" posts are directly related to my writing: the markets where I submit my work, in particular

Here's an intriguing market I've been trying to get into: GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) Magazine:

"Our dictionary defines literature thus: written works, esp. those valued for form and style. And that is what we are looking for—form and style, though be sure there's substance as well. Any genre, including literary or mainstream, is acceptable. We don't back away from a fight—if your work screws with convention, breaks rules, makes demands of the reader, then we're equal to the challenge. Just please, by whatever you hold dear, give us some prize at the end of the fight. We'll publish something as short as 20 words or as long as 15,000 words, as long as it grabs us. Be warned: We read a lot. We've seen it all before. We are not easy to impress. Is your work original? Does it have something to say? Read it again. If you genuinely believe it to be so, send it. We do accept simultaneous submissions, as well as multiple submissions. GUD is breaking new ground here. We're selling content, not media. If people want to buy just one story, they'll get it. If they want a PDF magazine, they'll get the whole issue. If they want a beautifully bound paper mag, they'll pay a little extra, but they'll get it. And you? You get a cut. Every time your story sells, we pay you."

Pro:  a paying market (based on a % of sales); response time has been under 2 months

Con:  form-letter rejections -- so UNhelpful

So far, I've submitted three of my stories to GUD over the past year or so, and I will continue to submit new work until one of my tales makes the cut.

Thanks for visiting; enjoy the next "G" stop on your A to Z tour!
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