A is for Asimov's

Since Write1Sub1 isn't enough to keep me busy already (Hardy har har!), I've decided to accept Alex J. Cavanaugh & Company's "A to Z Blogging Challenge" this month. Along with 1,000+ other bloggers, I'll be posting something special every day starting with a different letter of the alphabet.

For those of you just stopping by, welcome to "In Medias Res." My name is Milo James Fowler, and this is where I've been chronicling my journey into the Published Land. For the month of April, each of my "A to Z" posts will be directly related to my writing: the markets where I submit my work, in particular.

We're going to start off with one of the Big Guns in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi community, Asimov's Science Fiction magazine. I've been brave enough to send my work to them multiple times, but I haven't been lucky enough (yet) to sell them anything. Here's what they look for:

"In general, we’re looking for 'character oriented' stories, those in which the characters, rather than the science, provide the main focus for the reader’s interest. Serious, thoughtful, yet accessible fiction will constitute the majority of our purchases, but there’s always room for the humorous as well. Borderline fantasy is fine, but no Sword & Sorcery, please. Neither are we interested in explicit sex or violence. A good overview would be to consider that all fiction is written to examine or illuminate some aspect of human existence, but that in science fiction the backdrop you work against is the size of the Universe."

Pro:  a pro-paying market (5 - 6 cents per word) with an online submission form; response time is usually 50 days or less; a PRINT magazine sold in most bookstores

Con:  form-letter rejections, but I understand they'd be swamped otherwise 

So far, I've submitted seven of my stories to Asimov's over the past year and a half, and while they have yet to accept any of my work, I refuse to give up on them.

Thanks for visiting; enjoy the next "A" stop on your A to Z tour!
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