K is for Kaleidotrope

For the month of April, all of my "A to Z" posts are directly related to my writing: the markets where I submit my work, in particular. Today, we take a look at Kaleidotrope. Here's what they like to see:

"Kaleidotrope tends heavily towards the speculative — towards science fiction, fantasy and horror — but we like an eclectic mix and are therefore always eager to read interesting work that falls outside those categories. Man does not live on space ships, elves and ghostly axe murderers alone, after all. In the end, what we want is interesting and unconventional work, well-written stories and poems that surprise and amuse us, shock and disturb us, that tell us things we didn’t know or reveal old truths in brand new ways. We want strange visions of distant shores, of imaginary countries and ordinary people, and work that doesn’t lose sight of entertainment and the joy of good writing."

Pro:  a paying market ($5 + contributor copies), reprints are accepted, electronic submissions

Con:  the low pay (none for reprints), and response time is about three months

I've submitted one story to Kaleidotrope so far and received a warm rejection letter. The editor told my why he wasn't buying my story and encouraged me to submit again. I definitely will, one of these days.

Thanks for visiting; enjoy the next "K" stop on your A to Z tour!
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