Z is for Zombie

For the month of April, all of my "A to Z" posts are directly related to my writing: the markets where I submit my work, in particular. Today, we take a look at The Zombie Feed. Here’s what they like to see:

"The Zombie Feed has opened to submissions of zombie novellas and novels. (Novella = 15,000-40,000 words; Novel = 40,001-80,000 words) What do we want? Fast-paced zombie apocalypse fiction! Your zombies can be from any style…Romero, Viral, supernatural, etc. Please submit the first 5,000 words of your manuscript. The Zombie Feed is a micro-press, therefore, it should come as no surprise that we’ll be using the POD business model as our sales and distribution format for physical books. This means your book will be available through most online retailers, but not distributed through the brick & mortars. Naturally, your book will be available to the B&Ms, but on a strict no-returns policy (unless they go directly through The Zombie Feed then we’ll do returns). The Zombie Feed will market your book, though we do hope for author assistance with this task."

Pro:  a paying market ($100/$250 advance for novellas/novels with royalties based on net sales)

Con:  print-on-demand (some folks aren't too keen on it)

I haven't submitted any of my work to The Zombie Feed yet, mainly because my only zombie tales are short stories. But perhaps I shall compose an undead novella, someday … once all the zombie-fervor dies down (like it did for sparkly vampires).

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