Today at Write1Sub1, we're honored to welcome the editor of Scifaikuest, Teri Santitoro, for a brief interview. Be sure to check it out.

Thanks to fellow writers Deborah Walker and Simon Kewin, I became aware of Scifaikuest a few months back, and I've since been unable to stop myself from writing sci-fi flavored haiku. Out of maybe thirty-odd poems I've submitted this year,  a dozen will be appearing in the next few issues of Scifaikuest, both in print and online.

But for now, here are three of my scifaiku published this week by Stephen M. Wilson @ Microcosms, a Twitterzine. Both Scifaikuest and Microcosms are paying markets, by the way, so you should think about submitting some of your own!
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