Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh and the Pay it Forward Blogfest, today I have the distinct pleasure of sharing three writers' blogs that have impacted me in a positive way:

1. Aaron Polson: Short story maestro, indie author, and all-around cool guy, Aaron is a fellow teacher who somehow manages to carve out enough time to write and market a plethora of speculative fiction. Stop by and see what he's sharing about his current WiP.

2.  Deborah Walker: Thanks to Deborah, I learned about Scifaikuest and discovered that I thoroughly enjoy writing SF-themed haiku. She's currently on a roll making short fiction pro-sales, so be sure to stop by her blog and cheer her on.

3.  Anthony J. Rapino: Tony's another fellow teacher and a well-rounded individual, to boot. He's currently blogging his way through the month of October, and he's written some of the most unique horror stories around. His novel is forthcoming from Bad Moon Books.

Follow these folks. You'll be glad you did.
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