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"Identity Thief"

ENTER TO WIN a copy of my latest short story collection,
Soul Smuggler.

Soul Smuggler collects four paranoirmal tales featuring Mercer,
the phantasmal antihero:

"The Coyote"
In the future, Mercer's services are requested by a powerful man seeking to keep his stepdaughter quiet about certain indiscretions.

"Soul Smuggler"
An orphan boy seeks Mercer's help in reuniting with his dead mother.

"The Second Option"
Father Thomas, assassin from the clandestine Terra Sacra order, sets out to destroy Mercer once and for all. But Mercer has other plans.

"Abomination of Desolation"
A boy with horrifying powers is at the top of the Church's extermination list, replacing Mercer for the time being. Father Thomas makes Mercer a deal he can't refuse if he helps rid the earth of the young abomination.

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