Four of my haiku and a couple Captain Quasar micro-misadventures have seen the light of day in the last month, so how about some mid-week quick reads?

First up is a 100-word Quasar tale @ 101 Fiction entitled "Flashback" (Metafiction? Maybe.)

Next, we have a couple sci-fi-flavored haiku @ Scifaikuest (you might have to scroll down just a little).

To mix things up but not too much, here's another 100-word tale featuring Captain Bartholomew Quasar: "Reformat" (also @ 101 Fiction).

And lastly but not leastly is a haiku @ Trapeze and one more here.

If you enjoyed these, you might also like MAIKRO. It collects 44 of my previously published haiku and 28 of my very short story reprints all in one Kindle-sized package:

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