We Have Liftoff!

The official launch is finally here, and you're cordially invited to check out what The Collective has to offer in the way of free eBooks today. (No Kindle? No problem. Download the free app.)

Up for grabs: a spooky short story by Jeff Chapman, a collection of dark tales by yours truly, a cyberpunk novelette by Simon Kewin, and a Mesoamerican fantasy by Lyndon Perry. All free for the taking!

Group promotions are nothing new, but when Jeff shared this post with us, we knew it was something worth trying. The idea is if you like what one of us writes, you might also like what the others write. And there's only so much marketing we can do alone without irritating our friends, relatives, fellow writers, and fan(s). But together, we shall prevail! Or something like that.

We're on Twitter, so give us a follow and help us spread the word to as many fans of speculative fiction as possible: we've got some stories to share.

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