Suburban Samurai

There comes a point in every superhero’s life when he realizes he can’t keep going it alone. Batman needed Robin. Superman needed Lois Lane. Well, not in the same way, but you get the idea.

"League of Suburban Heroes" was originally published by Fiction and Verse last year, and now it's available for the first time for Kindle readers. (No Kindle? No problem. Download the free reading app.)

Here's the blurb:

Darrel, a self-trained samurai by day and Target employee by night, sets out to right the wrongs in his parents' suburban neighborhood with the help of three friends, each with a secret identity and a night shift at the same shopping center. All is not as it appears, however, and Darrel soon discovers that being a real hero is not as easy as it looks on TV.

This tale is a sequel of sorts to the first short story I ever sold, way back in the summer of 2009. "Hero for Hire," originally published by A Fly in Amber in January 2010, featured Darrel's first misadventure as he sought to save the day against overwhelming odds (and a psychotic kitty).

These stories can't be categorized as speculative fiction, but I like to think of them as paying homage to the genre with a character who just wants to make things right in his neighborhood. Call him a vigilante. Call him a lunatic. Just don't call him late for dinner.
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