Preparing to Launch

My latest collection of weird tales on a common theme will be launching Friday, and I've got to say: I have almost as much fun putting these covers together as I do writing the stories! From the feedback I've gotten so far, this one does the job. But who judges an eBook by its cover? Let's dig into what lies beneath...

Unseen Things collects 7 flash-sized tales in the slipstream, horror, and science fiction genres. Contents:

"From Scheol My Soulfire Burns" - The cursor blinks. This white veil awaits my next thought.

"Imaginary Friendships Aren't the Easiest to Break" - Bernard felt things no one else did.

"You Kill Me" - Looking at you now, it's tough sometimes to see the person I fell in love with.

"While She Sleeps, Mountains Tremble" - The child looked as much like an angel as anything could, innocence incarnate.

"Darker Ever After" - I'm too old for this.

"Autonomic Zen and the Art of Destruction" - Unit X11-76 entered the universe as more than a null set but far less than an infinite number of possibilities.

"A Monster By Any Other Name" - Sometimes he really hated being seven.

* Launching Friday, March 8 *

All of these stories were written as part of the Write1Sub1 challenge and published between 2011 - 2012 either in print or online. Although I never intended for them to end up together like this, somehow it seems to work, as each one delves into concepts of sight, fear, and darkness. There's some horror, there's some humor, and there might even be a little hope.

You'll just have to wait and see.
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