WIP It Good / Release Party

My WIP title:  Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque

Word Count:  53,000 words so far

Genre:  Horror

How long have you been working on it?  2 months

Elevator pitch:  A factory worker's night on the town introduces him to unimaginable horrors, and if he ever wants to go home again, he'll have to prove he's not who the authorities think he is.  

Brief Synopsis:  (This should be interesting; my first drafts are always messy.)

     Anthony wants to improve his station in life. He joins Richard, a gregarious coworker with social connections, for a night out after their late shift. Richard leads them deep into the city's underworld to a brothel of sorts specializing in the illegal art of mutilation. There Anthony witnesses victims who have been skinned, broken, and mangled without lasting damage, thanks to a special drug that returns them to their original state after they've had their "fun." Anthony immediately wants to leave, but Richard convinces him to stay.
     When Constables raid the establishment, Anthony flees the scene, running into a giant tumor of a man who spills a viscous fluid. Anthony is instantly disfigured by the substance, and when the authorities capture him, he is unable to identify himself, let alone speak. One Constable takes an interest in him and trawls his mind to find out if he met the Cancer Man (an untouchable crime lord) face to face. What follows is a mind-bending adventure of mistaken identity, multiple realities, and paranoia as Anthony fights to reclaim a simple life he never truly appreciated but now wants more than anything.

I'm sure it will make more sense after a few (dozen) revisions. Thanks for checking out my current WIP. You can see what everybody else is working on right here.

In other news, my first novella Immaterial Evidence is now available from Musa Publishing. At close to 100 pages, this is the longest story I've had published to date, and I'm so glad to see it finally greet the world! "Like" my Facebook page and enter to win a free copy.

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