To paraphrase It's a Wonderful Life, "No writer is a failure who has friends."

With the release of my first novella last Friday from Musa Publishing, I knew I wanted to get the word out, but I couldn't do it alone. Thanks to the gracious writer/bloggers listed below, Immaterial Evidence really made the rounds, and it picked up more than a few readers along the way. If you haven't visited their blogs before, please take a few moments to look around. There's plenty of good stuff to see:

Alex Cavanaugh

Christine Rains

Deborah Walker

D.G. Hudson

Donna Weaver

Ellie Garratt

Jeff Chapman

Kay Theodoratus

Lyndon Perry

Mark Noce

Martin Willoughby

Melanie Shulz

Nutschell Windsor

Roland Yeomans

Simon Kewin

Yvonne Rupert

Thank you, one and all! I know we've only seen each other through a glass (screen) darkly, but maybe someday it'll be face to face.

Immaterial Evidence is now on Amazon, and if you have any space left on your Goodreads bookshelf, please consider reserving a spot.

As always, thanks for reading.
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