A Pre-Order Experiment

Amazon couldn't have picked a better time to allow KDP authors to offer pre-orders. The rights to my novelette Girl of Great Price (originally published by St. Martin's Press) will revert to me next month, and I'll be making it available as a standalone for the first time. According to Amazon, "Pre-orders contribute toward sales rank and other Kindle Store merchandising ahead of release, which can help more readers discover your book." We shall see.

Prequel to Immaterial Evidence, Girl of Great Price was written in 2011 as part of the Write1Sub1 challenge and was accepted for publication that year by Criminal Element. I had the privilege of working with Claire Eddy (TOR/Forge books) during initial edits, and she encouraged me to flesh out the world-building in this story—advice I followed to the letter. Criminal Element planned to publish Girl on their website, but a themed anthology went into production instead, eventually published in the fall of 2013.

But now, at long last, Girl of Great Price will be available all by itself. The pre-order price is $0.99, which will jump to $1.99 after Girl has been on sale for a few days. Readers can lock in that low pre-order price today, and on October 3rd, Girl of Great Price will magically appear on their Kindles. (No Kindle? No problem. Download the free Kindle app for phones, tablets, or personal computers.)

In a city run by a powerful mobster, nobody wants to play the hero. Private investigator Charlie Madison just wants to pay the rent.

When a little girl goes missing and no ransom demand is made, Madison takes the case. Time isn't on his side. After 48 hours, it's unlikely an abducted child will be found in one piece. But Madison's a champion of lost causes, and he'll be damned before he gives up on her—even if it means putting his life on the line.

As the mystery unfolds, Madison learns a bizarre secret that seems too impossible to believe. But it could explain why the girl was kidnapped—and why she might still be alive.

Novelette - 12,500 words - Crime Noir / Science Fiction
Prequel to Immaterial Evidence and Yakuza Territory

Pre-order your copy today: Amazon

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