Get the Latest Kindle Edition in 5 Easy Steps

I update my Kindle titles often. Sometimes I add a new story to a collection once the rights revert to me, or I get a better idea for the cover art and make it so. But my readers who bought an earlier edition are never left in the lurch. They can update their Kindle copy anytime. Here's how: 

On Amazon, go to Your Account. Click Manage Your Content and Devices. If it says "update available" next to any of your Kindle titles, give it a click. A confirmation window will open, and all you have to do is click Update. Then sync your Kindle, and you're good to go. 

Why doesn't Amazon email customers when Kindle books are updated? Apparently, they do so for many of their authors. You know, the famous folks. But unknowns like yours truly? Not so much. 

Dahlia and the Ronin was originally entitled Dahlia's Feast. I recently added a fourth story, changed the collection's title to the title of that story, and composed new cover art. I'm liking this new look a whole lot better -- perfect for dark fantasy. So, what's it about? Glad you asked:

Dahlia, the last human child, has been summoned to a banquet in her honor by the Elders of the great council. Her escort, Brawnstone the trollgre, must carry her through the dangerous ruins of a human city, deep into the abandoned warehouse district where the feast is to be held. No one knows this little girl's dark secret -- not even Dahlia herself.

These tales were originally published by Perihelion Science Fiction, The Fifth Di, Aoife's Kiss, and Triangulation: Morning After. Now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords. Coming soon to an eReader near you...
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