eFestival of Words

So this is a nice surprise: two of my books have been nominated for "best novella" and "best short story collection" at the eFestival of Words. Members of the independent publishing community nominated a variety of eBooks via ballot, and a team of volunteers selected the seven finalists in each category.


But wait a minute. What is the eFestival of Words? Glad you asked.

"The eFestival of Words is a free, virtual book fair designed to connect readers with authors and publishers of digital books. For fans of ebooks, this is an opportunity to scout out hidden treasures and interact with authors. For those readers new to digital books, this is a chance to learn more about the format and what it can offer. The festival features all of the things you would expect from a book fair: lively panel discussions, informative workshops, exciting guest speakers, prizes, games, and more. The only difference is that you can experience everything from the comfort of your own computer!"
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