I Have an Agent

For the first time in seven years of querying, I got the call.

A few months ago, a certain agent responded to my query for BackTracker with a request for the first few chapters. No big deal. It's happened before, and nothing ever came of it. 

A few weeks later, the same agent asked to take a look at the complete manuscript. Again: been there, done that. 2016 has been the year for near-misses, getting closer than I've ever been to snagging an agent's attention with Those Who Wait. But in the end, nothing happened. So I didn't get my hopes up this time.

Last Friday, I received an email from the agent's intern saying he'd like to set up a time for us to talk over the phone. Which we did, for over half an hour, discussing the finer points of BackTracker: what's great about it and what needs to be fine-tuned. We agreed on four key areas where I'll need to do some rewriting.

Then he offered to represent me. Just like that.

I signed the contract, so it's official: my agent is Andrew Zack, and our first project is BackTracker. Baen Books still has it, but once I fix a few of the issues Mr. Zack has with the manuscript, he'll let them know it's now a multiple submission. Will that spur the Baen folks into making a decision? Maybe. The best part: my novel will be submitted to the big five publishers I never would have been able to contact without an agent.

Holy cow, folks! It took a while, just like finding homes for all of my short stories, but it finally happened. Finding the right publishers for my novels will take time as well; I have six others in need of good homes after BackTracker. But I'm in this for the long haul, and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. "Never give up, never surrender!" (Galaxy Quest). The fact that The Zack Company "prides itself on sticking with clients until their work finds a home" makes them the perfect fit.

Seven years ago, I started blogging once a week, and I've kept it up ever since. But I may not be as religious about it from here on out. This is what I've been waiting for all along. Now the real work starts, and I can't wait to live out the next chapter of my life as a writer.
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