Knocking on Publishers' Doors

After five months and three rounds of edits, my novel BackTracker is ready to find a publisher. Mr. Agent is sending it out to the Big 5 (sans sporting goods), and I'd be equally happy with any of them picking it up. Baen Books has been notified that BackTracker is officially a multi-sub, so that may encourage them to make a decision on it sooner rather than later. (They've had it 22 months now.)

Other than a few short stories I can count on one hand, most of my published work has been released by small presses. Many of them no longer exist, but just as many are still in business, and their editors are great to work with. I've learned so much over the past 7 years, and I owe it to these fine folks who picked my work out of the slush pile for a second look. Without their input, I wouldn't have made it this far.

Now for the next leg of my journey...

Clocking in at 154,000 words of time-traveling future noir multiverse action, romance, and suspense, BackTracker is knocking on doors I've never had the opportunity to reach before. Will it be accepted? Rejected? Who knows? But if I've learned anything from submitting short stories, there will always be editors out there who like my work enough to publish it. The trick is finding them.

And waiting patiently (keeping busy) in the meantime.
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