Three Audiobooks in the Works

The audio files for Captain Bartholomew Quasar: The Bounty Hunters from Arachnxx Three are currently under review, and distribution via Audible and iTunes should commence within the next week or so. E. M. Carberry did an excellent job bringing this novella to life, equally as good as his work on Starfaring Adventures, and I've got my fingers crossed, hoping he'll be able to produce the novel-length audiobook as well. in production this month is my new screwball comedy Vic Boyo, Doofus Detective, voiced by the talented Douglas Reed. In the same way that Carberry is such a good fit for the often misguided, larger-than-life heroism of Captain Quasar, Reed is able to pull off the imperfect Vic Boyo. He manages to be sincere but funny in his delivery, perfect for the defective detective's hilarious antics.
Due to a very busy production schedule, Robert Rossmann won't be able to start work on The Suprahuman Secret until early August, but I'm glad I've got this collection of Charlie Madison case files in his queue. Judging from his other voice work, I'm confident he'll be able to pull off Charlie's good-natured, world-weary tone, intelligent without taking himself or the dystopian city around him too seriously.

I count myself lucky to have my work in the capable voices of these three gentlemen, and I can't wait to share the finished products with you. Be the first to know when my audiobooks become available, and enter to win an Audible claim code or few: Subscribe today!
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