Why Join Me on Patreon?

I'm always up for trying different ways to share my work with readers. Sometimes it's submitting to a new publisher like Aethon Books, which has gone pretty well thus far. (Not only did they publish Spirits of the Earth earlier this year, but they'll also be releasing my Captain Quasar trilogy.) If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember my other experiments with Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, QuarterReads, Curious Fictions, Wattpad, Kindle Scout, Instafreebie, and Story Origin. Now I'm giving Patreon a try with my novel Those Who Wait.

Patreon offers creative types (writers, artists, musicians, videographers) the opportunity to share our work directly with patrons, who pay a nominal amount each month to access exclusive content and support ongoing creative efforts. Why join me on Patreon? You'll have access to stories and novels before they're available anywhere else. Patrons won't have to wait until my work is published in order to read it; you'll see it first, in-progress, along the way to publication.

This is just an experiment, and we'll see where it goes. Patron-only content goes live on August 1, so don't delay. Join today!
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