Attending My First Con

I'll be at the inaugural BasedCon later this month, speaking on a few panels about writing, publishing, humorous sci-fi, and the future of science fiction & fantasy. Author Robert Kroese is spearheading the event as an alternative for authors and SFF fans with conservative, libertarian, and/or Judeo-Christian beliefs. As cancel culture quickly becomes the fascist rule of law, it's tough to be heard if you don't subscribe to the mob's groupthink and newspeak. I've always been a free thinker with rebellious tendencies, so I like the idea of a con for outsiders who enjoy good stories over message fiction.

For the past decade, I've worked with numerous editors and publishers who haven't shared my particular belief system, and it's worked out quite well — because we've respected each other. But times have changed. The world isn't as inclusive as it used to be, and differences of opinion are seldom tolerated. We're divided with ever-increasing tribal tendencies. Unfortunately, there are many venues now where a straight white Christian male such as myself no longer has a voice.

I'm not joining a refurbished tribe of sad puppies. I'm not looking for an echo chamber where we can beat our drums of discontent. The truth is, I'm often too liberal for conservatives and too conservative for liberals. I've never really fit in with any group. But this is an opportunity to speak about something I love: writing a good story. I'm looking forward to venturing into unknown territory and hopefully learning a few things along the way.
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