Update: Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque

The original cover art is complete for my next novel, Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque, and the final stage prior to publication will be layout and design. This is my first experience working with Montag Press, and while a small outfit, they're a professional bunch. Here's a sneak peek at Pierluigi Abbondanza's cool artwork, which really captures the atmosphere of this weird book:

Can't wait to see what the finished product looks like. Madame Antic's is the first installment in The Interdimensionals trilogy, with the next two books drafted and undergoing edits. Victorian surrealism or alt-Victorian horror with a sci-fi angle is a blast to write, and I hope you enjoy reading this crazy yarn as much as I enjoyed spinning it. Unlike anything I've done before, it should appeal to fans of China Mieville, Jeff Vandermeer, and Josiah Bancroft. Stay tuned for a release date...
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