At the Local Library

Like Ray Bradbury, I've always been a big fan of libraries. So, six years ago when my first Captain Quasar novel greeted the world, I tried getting it into the San Diego public library system. I figured if I donated enough copies, it might end up on one of their shelves. But after three attempts and no dice, I gave up on that one. Then a couple years ago, I tried with After the Sky, going so far as to snail-mail a copy to Library Journal. Strike two. Guess the big city was too big for the likes of me.

But now that we're living in a small town in southwest Michigan, I thought I'd try one more time. So I hit up the local library with my latest novel, Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque. They had me fill out a form and told me it would take a month to have a librarian read my book and determine whether it was worthy to grace their shelves. I kept my fingers crossed...

And in less than a month, there it was! My wife took the photos while I was subbing at a school in town, and when she showed them to me, I couldn't stop smiling. My love for libraries and the written word had come full circle; now one of my novels was sharing space with countless books I've enjoyed over the years. It's an honor to see those stickers on the binding.

The first installment in my Interdimensionals trilogy is really helping me check things off the ol' bucket list—seeing my work in a couple bookstores, and now the library. What's next?
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