Book Series Worth Checking Out

It's probably no surprise that I'm always in the middle of a good book. But something I didn't realize until I started drafting this post is that I'm currently making my way through seven different series. And they're all good! So consider this a recommended reading list for 2022:

Books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft - I'm about a hundred pages into the fourth and final installment, and I've been hooked since the first novel, Senlin Ascends: excellent writing, fantastic world-building, and characters worth rooting for. Never read anything quite like it.

Nyquist Mysteries by  Jeff Noon - Enjoyed the first two books, and I have the next two waiting in the wings. Very surreal, dream-like storytelling with interesting characters and weird, unpredictable scenarios. Fantasy noir at its best.

Firefly by James Lovegrove, et al. - I've read the first three, and the writing isn't spectacular, but who cares? Each novel is like a lost episode of the beloved TV series we never got to see. I can picture every actor in costume and hear their voices in my head when I read their dialogue.

The Expanse by James S. A. Corey - A nine-book series, and I've read the first eight. Tried watching the TV show, but the books are so much better. Solid characterization, realistic science and technology, high stakes conflict, and plenty of page-turning adventure. No idea how it'll end.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher - Never thought a modern-day wizard's adventures would interest me. On a whim, I tried the first installment (of seventeen) last month, and now I'm pretty sure I'll be reading the rest. Urban fantasy noir with plenty of humor, like the first season of Angel.

The Finder Chronicles by Suzanne Palmer - Ever met a protagonist you'd follow anywhere? Fergus Ferguson is an unlikely hero with a big heart who can seldom catch a break. I've read the first two adventures of this interstellar repo man, and I'm looking forward to the third.

The Nova Vita Protocol by Kristyn Merbeth - This space opera series isn't perfect, but I'm enjoying the dysfunctional family dynamics of the crew, and I'm curious how the final book will wrap things up. Flawed characters, desperate situations, and plenty of intrigue make for a wild ride.
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