Caution: Blurb in Progress

My next novel, Monsieur Moule's Subterranean Casino (sequel to Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque), is currently with Montag Press, so this is the perfect time to whip the blurb into shape. Blurbing is always a balancing act between not revealing too much and intriguing the potential reader. As the second book in my Interdimensionals trilogy, this one bridges the gap between questions and answers with plenty of action, suspense, and major revelations of its own. 

Here's what I've got so far: 

Anthony Reynolds and Sephora Ashton escaped from Madame Antic's sky city, and now they must navigate a new life in the dangerous ruins of London. Nothing is as it was in the technologically advanced Victorian city with no name. Here tribes of survivors hunt and gather in the dark of night, keeping vigilant watch during daylight hours. Mutant animals with poisonous fangs roam the outskirts, and, according to legend, mole people may live underground. If they exist and have managed to hide from Antic all these years, then they might have the answers Anthony seeks. 

No one can tell him where he came from, or who he was before Madame Antic kidnapped him to play a role in her elaborate stage play. No one even knows what year it is. But when Anthony and Sephora are driven deep underground by thugs wearing decapitated sheep and goat heads, they find themselves in a surreal subterranean refuge complete with its own lavish hotel and casino. There they meet the man responsible for it all, a man who claims to have answers, a man with a penchant for gambling with human lives: the enigmatic Monsieur Moule.
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