Short Story Collections

Deep Space collects 7 short stories 
from the outer rim: 

Live by the Ten, Die by the Gun 
From Gaia to Proxima Centauri 
Resurrection of the Hornet 
Autonomic Zen and the Art of Destruction 
From Scheol My Soulfire Burns 
Dance by the Light of the Moon 
Tomorrow's Dawn


Into the Wastes collects 10 short stories 
from the post-apocalyptic badlands: 

Soulless in His Sight 
You Kill Me 
Survival of the Fittest 
For a Handful of Crowns 
Drawn from a World of Hurt 
Breath of Life 
Sins of the Father 
Like Clockwork 
When Tomorrow Comes 
Idan's World


Alienated collects 5 
dark speculative fiction stories: 

In His Eyes
Doppelgänger Mine


Out of Time collects 2 un-timely tales: 

One More Tuesday - Josef finds himself trapped with only one way out--and a life or death decision once he discovers how to free himself. 

Leap Day - Joan experiences a time distortion in her own apartment, and she must weave her knowledge of the past and future in order to survive the present.


Tale the First: 
Hero for Hire 

Armed with a samurai sword he purchased on eBay, twenty-something Darrel sets out to right the wrongs he perceives in his parents' quiet neighborhood. With a loose grasp on reality but a firm hold on his katana, Darrel learns the hard way that saving the day isn't as easy as the real heroes make it out to be. 

Tale the Second: 
League of Suburban Heroes 

Darrel, a self-trained samurai by day and Target employee by night, fights for justice with the help of three friends, each with a secret identity and a shift at the same local shopping center. If they can work together as a team, they just might be able to save the day. But all is not as it appears...

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A teenage girl in medieval times must keep her father from killing the only boy she's ever loved. In the process, she must also save her village from an evil sorcerer and his mutant henchmen. It's just another day in the life of this indomitable farmer's daughter.

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