Meet Harry Muldoon, Time-Traveling Detective

Muldoon has a big problem: he's dead. Twenty years ago, a monk with a kodachi cut off his head. Now Irena, his widow, is searching for him. So is Gavin Lennox, power-hungry owner of The Pearl, the hottest night spot in all of NewCity. Cyrus Horton, an eccentric inventor, has also joined in the search. They're all looking for the BackTracker, a time travel device that has caused divergent realities to spiral out of control. In one of them, Muldoon is still alive. 

He was a private investigator, the best at what he did. He solved his cases 100% of the time. Hindsight is, after all, 20/20. And the BackTracker allowed him to change the past. But in the process, his travels through time have unraveled the universe, stretching, tearing the fabric of space-time and sending his own mind into oblivion. He can no longer distinguish between true and false memories; he no longer knows who he was. 

BackTracker is about a hero dealing with the consequences of his actions. It's about second chances. And it's about what makes us human despite technology's power to shape society. But at its core, it's a story about a man and woman who won't allow anything to keep them apart—not space-time, not even death.

Audiobook Now Available

Injured while jogging through the woods, high school graduate Jillian Thompson must fight for her life when captured by a recluse convinced she's his God-given wife...

Gina Marie Davies did an excellent job bringing this story to life, and now you can do your ears a favor and listen to it for yourself—just be sure to keep a light on:

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Audiobook(s) Update

I received word from my publisher that Tantor Media will be producing the audio versions of the Captain Quasar books, and that they should be available within the next month or two. This is my first time working with Eric Michael Summerer or Tantor, and I hope that their large audience of audiobook fans will find something they like in Quasar's misadventures.

In other news, production on Those Who Wait has wrapped, and it turned out even better than I'd hoped. Gina Marie Davies did an outstanding job. It's currently undergoing the requisite quality review with Audible, and as soon as it's available, I'll post purchase links to the usual places.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Spirits of the Earth, the eBooks and audiobooks are now bundled. The audio "box set" is currently a #1 new release on Amazon, which is pretty cool to see, and features excellent work by Steve Campbell.

Last but not least, Trouble on the Range is currently in production, and I have the privilege to work with E.M. Carberry again. Some of you may remember him from the Captain Quasar novella and short story collection, which he hit out of the park. Can't wait to hear this one!

The Trilogy is Complete!

Captain Quasar is beside himself.

The United Earth Fleet has established its home base on the terraformed island of Kauai, where humankind is starting over. But when an act of sabotage threatens their existence, Captain Bartholomew Quasar and his intrepid crew must return to space to hunt down the saboteur.

Unbeknownst to them, rifts have opened between parallel worlds, and our heroes are flung into a dangerous reality where they encounter alternate versions of themselves as well as new friends and foes along the way.

In the end, Quasar will have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the multiverse from an extinction-level event at the hands of a ravenous extradimensional threat: the Void.

Book 2 in the Captain Quasar Trilogy

Captain Quasar is on a mission. 

Centuries have passed since evil Emperor Zhan attacked Earth and sent humankind packing in a mass exodus. Now the human race is scattered throughout the galaxy, and United World Space Command is no more. 

Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude have one purpose: to reunite the descendants of Earth's diaspora and save their planet from the monstrous machines Zhan left behind to ensure Earth's ultimate demise. 

Quasar and his intrepid crew will have to brave dangerous aliens, killer robots, vicious space pirates, and a mysterious artificial intelligence in order to build the United Earth Fleet and return home, where all new perils await.

Captain Quasar Re-Release Now Available

Captain Quasar is out of time. 

Pursued by vengeful Goobalob toll collectors, savage Arachnoid bounty hunters, and formidable Amazonians, Captain Bartholomew Quasar must do whatever he can to keep the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude out of harm's way. All in a day's work—except time is not on his side. Torn from the present to relive his past, he vows to keep mistakes from occurring the second time around. But is he doomed to repeat history? Or can he erase his regrets? Villains will be vanquished. Lives will be lost. Bonds will be betrayed. Heroes will be heroic. Join the crew of the Effervescent Magnitude for a hilarious time-travel space adventure the likes of which you've never seen! The Hitchhiker's Guide meets Star Trek in this series for fans of Galaxy Quest, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars Legends.

2020 in Review

It's been a weird year, best left in the rearview mirror. But despite all the craziness, I managed to set a goal for myself and stick to it: four novels drafted in twelve months. Only one of them is fit to print; the others are going to need a few rounds of revisions once I'm able to concentrate again. For the first time in thirty-odd years of writing, I found it difficult to focus. But I'm glad I kept at it, forcing myself to string words together even when I didn't feel inspired. I accomplished something I've never attempted before, and I got an inkling of what it's like to be a full-time writer. It's work, more perspiration than inspiration at times. But even a page of something is better than a headful of ideas, and the best writing often shows up during the rewriting — which is what I have planned for most of next year. For now, though, here's a look back at 2020:

Novels Written: 4
Captain Quasar & the Phaze Worlds Dilemma — 80K
Underground (Working Title) — 60K
Aeroship (Working Title) — 60K
Demigod (Working Title) — 70K

Book Deal Signed: 1
Captain Quasar & the Phaze-Worlds Dilemma — Aethon Books

Novel on Submission: 1

Books Published: 5

Audiobooks Produced: 4
After the Sky
The Gifted Ones

Audiobook in Production: 1
Those Who Wait

Blog Posts: 19

New Short Story Collection

After Thoughts collects 12 
speculative fiction tales 
you'll never forget: 

All That's Left Behind 
Better View Desired 
Collateral Damage 
Collective Bargaining 
Absolute Magnitude 
First People 
Entrepreneur of the Year 
Danse Nocturne 
Favorable Winds 
Monochromatic Mandate

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New Novel Now Available

Jillian's idyllic vacation has become a living nightmare. 

She graduated from St. Stephen's High School with honors, and after befriending three popular cheerleaders she tutored senior year, all four girls plan to spend an amazing week together at a secluded cabin on Crescent Lake. 

But while jogging through the woods, Jillian takes a wrong turn and plunges down a ravine, injuring herself. Jeremiah Wolfe, a young local, finds her and carries her to his shack deep in the forest. His kindness and care gradually evolve into obsessive control as he refuses to go for help. He tells her that God brought her to be his wife, the helpmate he's been praying for. 

What follows is a harrowing cat-and-mouse game as Jillian attempts to escape only to be thwarted by Jeremiah's uncanny ability to predict her every move. He won't allow anything—or anyone—to come between them. As the body count rises, Jillian realizes no one will be able to rescue her from this psychotic killer. She has to save herself, even if it means disobeying the 6th commandment: Thou shalt not murder.

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Re-Release Date + New Cover Art

Just got the word from Aethon Books that Captain Quasar will be greeting the world again on January 5th! Not a bad way to start 2021. It's been five years since The Space-Time Displacement Conundrum was serialized by Every Day Novels (now defunct), so I'm hoping Quasar can grab the attention of a few new readers this time around. And the best part? Two sequels (The Mass-Exodus Reversal and The Phaze-Worlds Dilemma) will be released in the months to follow.

Here's the new cover for Book 1 alongside the original:


I'm digging the '90's B-movie / pulp sci-fi vibe. It's FUN and ADVENTURE in SPACE without taking itself too seriously (Because really, how can it?). The original art will always hold a special place in my heart, though; maybe I'll have a chance to use it again someday on an omnibus or some such...
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