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In a crumbling post-war city of the future, private eye Charlie Madison stands in the gap. The last of his kind, a champion of lost causes, he confronts corrupt cops and violent gangsters, doing whatever he can for the average citizen in need of help. A war veteran with plenty of hardship in his past, he's not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the powers that be, whether they're criminals or government operatives.

Madison has encountered more than his share of unusual suspects over the years. But this time he's up against something he's never seen before, on or off the battlefield: people with unnatural abilities. Suprahumans. Gifted ones. Their powers are too incredible to believe, too dangerous to exist in this unstable world. The very lives of these special individuals are a closely guarded secret kept by agents who mindwipe anyone encountering them.

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Horror, humor, and science fiction collide in this collection of weird tales about possible futures, warped present-day realities, and alternate history. 

Unreliable narrators run rampant alongside aliens, ghosts, bullies, cannibals, home invaders, heroes, villains, unimaginable creatures, and gifted individuals of all ages. 

Paranoia, fear, and bizarre situations abound in these reality-bending stories guaranteed to take you places you've never been.


There's always plenty to complain about, but I've got a lot to be thankful for. This year, the top three are: 1. The health of my loved ones, 2. My own health, and 3. The readers that keep buying my books (you know who you are). The combination of consistently participating in BookFunnel promos, enrolling all of my books in Kindle Unlimited, and making one of my titles free every five days has borne some major fruit. The increase in royalties is a nice boost, but all of the new readers are what really make my day. Because of them, I'm inspired to keep writing stories every chance I get.

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"Good can conquer evil!"

Centuries from now, long after the days of recorded history, during the broken-down age of the Post-Apocalypse on a much older Earth, AGROTHARN roams the desert Wastes in search of…something? For some strange reason, he can't remember. And he's not the only one whose memories have become muddled by dark magic.

Could it have something to do with the arrival of Khrug, Warlock of the Wastes, and his thousand-strong army of desert warriors? Or the cancellation of the most spectacular stunt show the Post-Apocalypse has ever seen? Or too many enthralling side quests to count? AGROTHARN will have to keep his head on straight as he grapples with shocking truths about himself, his mighty broadsword, and his worst frenemy, culminating in an epic showdown between the most powerful forces of good and evil on the planet!

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Halfway There

Made it to the 40K mark today in the AGROTHARN threequel, and things are moving along nicely. Plenty of conflict, humor, and action, with lots of fun surprises along the way. I've kept two characters apart who've been inseparable throughout Books 1 & 2, so I'm looking forward to bringing them back together soon. Should make for a thrilling second half.

If I keep up my current pace, I'll have the first draft done by mid-December. Twice as long as it took to draft Book 2, but that was during the summer when I wasn't in a classroom every day. Managing to write seven chapters a week—two on good days, maybe a paragraph on the not-so-good ones—has been doable. Keeping the momentum going and making progress, that's what counts.

And enjoying the process. I'm my own first audience, after all, and so far, I'm still hooked.

A Quarter of the Way

September came and went, and I managed to draft the first 20K of the final Chronicle of AGROTHARN. So far, it's part post-apocalyptic western and part intergalactic space adventure, so you could say I'm having a blast with it. Brought in a wily character from the third Captain Quasar novel, further cementing the fact that this series exists in a universe parallel to that one. I don't plan on Quasar himself making an appearance, but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Unless my current pace changes, I don't think I'll have Book 3 ready by Christmas. So I'll probably give myself until mid-January to finish drafting and editing, and then release it in eBook and paperback. With Book 2 out next month, that'll give readers a two-month gap in between each installment. A semi-quick release for our semi-barbarian.

In other news, I decided to revamp the covers for this series, and they turned out pretty well. Kind of an '80s throwback look now, which is just right. All they're missing are the dinosaurs and aliens.

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Now available for fans of Thor: Ragnarok, Masters of the Universe, and Napoleon Dynamite, a new sword & sorcery saga with chuckles guaranteed... 

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Long ago, before the days of recorded history, during the Hyperbolean Age of a much younger Earth, AGROTHARN the Interstellar Semi-Barbarian roamed the ancient volcanic lands in search of fame and fortune. These are his somewhat heroic tales, sure to enthrall the most adventurous of readers! 

When AGROTHARN learns that his long-lost witch-mother is still alive, he sets off on a perilous journey with his loyal triceratops to find her. Along the way, they meet a conniving trickster, a vengeful T-Rex, and a bunch of bloodthirsty aliens from a distant planet. Nonstop adventures take AGROTHARN deep into space and back through time as he unravels new truths about the reality he's always taken for granted. What he discovers will forever change his life, setting him on a new path to rewrite the past and forge a glorious future for one and all!

August/September Update

How'd it get to be September already? August was a bit of a blur, but I managed to finish edits on the second AGROTHARN novel, and both books are ready for pre-order. I also started drafting Book 3, but now that the school year's in full swing, it could be a little while before I complete it. Tentative goal: December 1. Even more tentative goal: have it ready for pre-order by Christmas.

I'm writing a chapter a day, which is doable since the chapters are only about 800 words. As with the first two books, I'll be aiming for 100 chapters in total, ~80,000 words. What's it about? So glad you asked. I'm planning to have that figured out by December 1.

Of course I have a general idea of the major plot points, but finding my way from one to the next is where the real fun happens. I get to surprise myself and eventually (hopefully) the reader as well. I want to enjoy each step of this process, and so far, that's what I'm doing.

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