Spirits of the Earth Book Tour

With the Spirits of the Earth trilogy now complete, it's time for (you guessed it) a virtual book tour!
Below, you'll find the dates and websites for each day of the tour. There's even a giveaway...

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May 1

The Trilogy is Complete

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The future is now.

The children of the remnant are adults living in the 10 Domes of Eurasia, self-sustaining biospheres along the Mediterranean Sea. Aerocars fly, clones work as security officers, and every citizen's words and actions are monitored via their neural implants. Peace reigns over all—until a group of terrorists targets government buildings, and Chancellor Persephone Hawthorne is kidnapped.

Sera Chen, Dome 1 law enforcer, is drawn into the conflict after chasing a curfew violator capable of leaping from one skyscraper to another. When her augments go offline due to a localized EMP burst, she starts hearing voices. The band of survivors in North America is fractured. Daiyna roams the Wastes with a bounty on her head, refusing to confront her demons. Samson and Shechara target UW raiders who are pillaging ruins for resources the remnant needs to survive. James Bishop struggles against unexpected obstacles to be reunited with his family. And Luther is determined to find a way into Eurasia to meet the twenty children taken from Eden.

As their lives converge, unlikely alliances will form to combat an emergent enemy with plans to undermine the course of humanity's future.

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New Novel Drafted

I finished the first messy draft of The Phaze-Worlds Dilemma (Captain Quasar Book 3) last week, and I've been revising a couple thousand words a day. If I double-up on weekends, I should have this 80K manuscript ready for edits by mid-April. I've also started drafting my second-quarter novel, a sequel to Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque. I'm about 2K into it, and the goal is 60K. Hoping to have the sloppy copy finished by the end of June.

The Trilogy Continues...

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The future is in their hands.

The post-apocalyptic world is bigger than the remnant imagined. Across the ocean, the domed cities of Eurasia have survived the nuclear holocaust that ravaged the rest of the planet. But only the survivors from the North American Wastes can give the sterile Eurasians what they need most in order to continue existing as a society: children.

Sergeant James Bishop, United World Marine, leads his team across the desert wasteland in order to make first contact with survivors in Eden, who are rumored to have a lab full of viable embryos. Meanwhile Cain, a coastal warlord dedicated to repopulating the planet, follows the will of Gaia, a malicious spirit of the earth with no love for humankind. Margo, telepathic geneticist responsible for designing the next generation, struggles to balance the will of a selfish dictator with what's best for humanity. And Tucker, an invisible man on a mission, carries precious cargo across the Wastes in an effort to rally a group of survivors into action against Eden.

As their lives intersect, agendas collide and tensions reach a breaking point. Twenty unborn children in incubation chambers hang in the balance—along with the fate of the world.

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Q1 Noveling Progress

It's the first quarter of 2020, and I've managed to write almost every day. Often less than a thousand words, but lately it's been close to a couple thousand. When I started my current WiP on December 1, I had high hopes of finishing the first draft by the end of January. That didn't happen. 

Reason #1: I decided to spend a couple weeks revising BackTracker so I could get it out the door before a certain publisher closed submissions. 

Reason #2: I had a novel release to celebrate, which was distracting in a good way.

Reason #3: I was stuck, truth be told, and didn't know where the plot was going. But that's been remedied, and the words are flowing like warm molasses again.

I've reached the 50K mark and plan to scribble another 30K before I start typing it up, revising and editing as I go. Current working title: PHAZE. (How's that for not giving anything away?) My goal this year is to draft four novels, one per quarter. I have notes ready to go for three, each in a different series, so I know what I'll be working on after Phaze. I've never written more than two novels in a year, so we'll see what happens. Succeed or fail, I'll be writing.

A New Trilogy Begins...

The meek have not inherited 
the earth.

The world isn't how they left it. When the bunker airlocks release them after twenty years in hibernation, the survivors find a silent, barren landscape outside. But they are not alone. There is a presence here, alive in the dust—spirits of the earth, benevolent and malicious as they interact with the human remnant.

Milton is haunted by a violent past he's unable to escape, despite the superhuman speed the spirits give him. Not interested in bearing the next generation, Daiyna is determined to destroy the flesh-eating mutants lurking in the dark, pierced by her night-vision. Luther is a man of conviction who believes the Creator has offered humankind a second chance, yet he's uncertain they deserve it—and he's perplexed by the talons that flex out of his fingers. Willard is a brilliant engineer-turned-soldier who refuses to leave his bunker, afraid of becoming infected and willing to destroy any obstacle in his way. 

As their lives collide, the mysteries of this strange new world start unraveling, culminating in the ultimate life-or-death decision one survivor will make for them all.

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2019 in Review + Cover Reveal

This year was all about my novels: writing, editing, revising, and at long last, signing book deals! 2020 is shaping up to be a good one with six of my books tentatively scheduled for release throughout the year. The first Captain Quasar novel will be re-released, and the other five are brand spankin' new. First on deck is After the Sky, Book 1 in my Spirits of the Earth trilogy. I'm really liking the cover art, and I can't wait to share these characters with you.

Book Deals Signed: 4
Spirits of the Earth Trilogy Aethon Books
Captain Quasar & the Space-Time Conundrum Aethon Books
Captain Quasar & the Mass-Exodus Reversal Aethon Books
Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque Montag Press Collective

Novels Written: 2+
Captain Quasar & the Mass-Exodus Reversal — 80K
City of Glass (Spirits of the Earth Book 3) — 125K
Current Work-in-Progress — 28K

Novels on Submission: 2
Those Who Wait

Short Stories Published: 2
"Absolute Magnitude" in Theme of Absence
"Monochromatic Mandate" in Factor Four Magazine

Short Stories on Submission: 10

Audiobooks Released: 4

Audiobooks in Production: 2
The Gifted Ones
After the Sky

Blog Posts: 25

Back Aboard the 1K a Day Train

I started drafting a new novel on December 1, and I've managed to write 15,000 words so far. My goal is between 30K-40K per month, so I'll have the first draft done by the end of January. This past summer, I was able to write 120K in two months, so we'll see if I can reach 80K during the school year. It's a whole different beast, energy-wise.

After spending August through November on edits and revisions, it's good to be creating content again. These are characters I know pretty well, and I'm enjoying their latest adventure. I decided to take a break from my laptop and scribble this one longhand in a composition book, like I used to. It's keeping me focused on forward momentum instead of revising as I go, but it does take longer.

In other news, I submitted nine short stories that have been collecting dust to a variety of publications, most of them new to me. Here's hoping a few tales find good homes. On the novel front, my publisher shared the final cover art for the Captain Quasar books, and they're looking good — nearly as impressive as the art for my Spirits of the Earth trilogy. Stay tuned for a slew of cover reveals early next year!

Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque
It's taken six years and thirty-four submissions, but I've finally found a publisher willing to release my novel Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque in all of its gory goodness out into the world: Montag Press Collective. They pride themselves on being purveyors of the finest weird fiction in all its forms, and there's definitely a Fahrenheit 451 vibe going on with their logo and motto. As a big fan of Ray Bradbury, I approve. Apparently, they receive a hundred submissions every month and only publish a dozen titles each year, so I'm honored to have made the cut. Edits are scheduled to begin in a few months, with a release date toward the end of 2020. What's the storyline? Glad you asked:

In an alternate Victorian era, factory worker Anthony Reynolds desires to improve his station in life. He joins Richard Laurent, a gregarious coworker with social connections, for a night out after their late shift. Richard leads them deep into the city's underworld to a brothel of sorts specializing in the illegal art of mutilation: Madame Antic's Hotel Grotesque. There Anthony witnesses victims who have been skinned, broken, and mangled without lasting damage, thanks to a special drug that returns them to their original state. Anthony immediately wants to leave, but Richard convinces him to stay. 

When Constables raid the establishment, Anthony flees the scene, running into a giant tumor of a man who spills a viscous fluid. Anthony is instantly disfigured by the substance, and when the authorities capture him, he is unable to identify himself, let alone speak. One Constable takes an interest in him and trawls his mind to find out if he met the Cancer Man (an untouchable crime lord) face to face. What follows is a mind-bending adventure of mistaken identity, multiple realities, and paranoia as Anthony fights to reclaim a simple life he never truly appreciated but now wants more than anything.

Revisioning Update

After seven weeks of time-scrounging during lunch breaks, after work, and weekends, the second draft of Book 3 in my Spirits of the Earth trilogy is DONE. I'm happy with how it turned out, especially the ending. The final line brings everything back to what I had in mind from the start: a supernatural, post-apocalyptic homage to Milton's Paradise Lost. Once I go over the feedback from my first and favorite reader (Mrs. Fowler), I'll give it another couple rounds of edits, then send it off to my publisher. Aethon Books will be giving this trilogy the fast-release treatment next year, so readers won't have long to wait between installments (in hardcover, paperback, eBook, and audio). It's crazy to think I've been carrying these characters in my head for the past twelve years, and that I'm finally going to be sharing them with the world.

In other news, I signed a contract with Aethon for Book 2 in the Captain Quasar series, which will also be released next year. And I've got a few ideas percolating for a Book 3 that I might start drafting over Christmas break. Stay tuned for details...
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