Wow. Time sure vacates the premises when you're having fun!

A year ago this month, I entered the blogosphere as an unpublished writer with just one goal in mind—to go where I'd never gone before: toward PUBLICATION. Sure, I'd been writing stories since I was twelve years old, but I'd never had anything published. I had never even considered blogging about my writing process. Who would find that interesting?

"Today I wrote 1,000 words. Tomorrow I'll write some more. Goodbye for now."

I've tried to make my posts more entertaining than weekly word count updates. Judging by the comments I've received, my success rate is holding steady at 78%. Not bad.

So here I am, one year later. What do I have to show for my efforts?

> Published: 5 short stories and 5+ pieces of micro-fiction

> Current submissions: 25 (and counting)

> Followers: 156 (and counting?)

> Blog hits: 8,000+

> Things I've learned along the way: INVALUABLE

Last November, I never would have been able to predict how much I’d gain from this blogging experiment. Fellow writers, I've learned so much from you along the way, and I value every encouraging comment you post. Thank you for the short story markets I've discovered through reading your published tales, and thanks for sharing your weekly frustrations and triumphs on your own blogs. I've enjoyed our common journey more than I can say.

Is it over? Am I quitting in medias res and moving on to bigger and better things? Nope. I’m having too much fun. I like what I'm writing. I like the challenge of creating a 300-word post and having something new to share each week. And, of course, I like YOU.

Thanks for partnering with me on this journey. I'm looking forward to Year Two.
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