Rewrites and Reprints

November has been a great month already—must be all that NaNoWriMo positive energy.

Last week, I received rewrite requests from Bards and Sages for “The Second Option” and The Red Penny Papers for “Coyote Cal’s Guide to the Weird, Wild West.”

Julie Ann Dawson from Bards and Sages said, “While I really liked the plot concept, I would be interested in reconsidering this story if you could flesh out the character development more.” I blocked out a few hours last weekend and took care of business. The new and improved version is 300 words heavier for the better. However, Bards requires a 30-day waiting period for resubmissions, so I’ll have to bide my time.

Katey Viswanathan from Red Penny Papers said, “I really liked it, but there are a few things that are holding me back. If you’re agreeable to the idea of a slight rewrite, let me know and I'll explain what I mean.” Of course I replied posthaste that I’d be willing to work with her, and after a cordial email exchange of suggestions and revisions, I received my official Author’s Agreement. “Coyote Cal” will appear in the March 2011 issue!

As for reprints, the electronic rights to “Hero for Hire” and “Scuttle” are now up for grabs, so I submitted them to Abandoned Towers and Lightning Flash Magazine, respectively. This is something new for me, so I’m testing the reprint waters a bit tentatively.

In other news: Thanks to Jennifer Hillier for my “Honest Scrap Award,” which has induced me to share 10 random things about myself: I like Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Explosions in the Sky, Mexican food, Chuck, Serenity, surfing, mountain biking, playing guitar, and spending weekends with my beloved wife.

Next up for show and tell: Simon Kewin, Stephen Ramey, and CK Wagner.
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