Man with a Mission

What does it take to be a finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest? Writer Stephen V. Ramey would know; his story made it to the final round of judging, out of thousands of submissions, earlier this year. Arguably, any finalist's entry is caliber-worthy of pro-paying markets. 

I first discovered Steve's work in A Fly in Amber, and "The Last Liverbeast" was a tale to remember. I've been following him ever since, learning the ways of the force from this master Jedi. Someday, we both hope to make it into an issue of Asimov's.

I'm honored to have Steve among our growing ranks @ Write1Sub1. Head on over there today as he shares his organized strategy for writing various genres throughout our year-long experiment.

Also, in the coming weeks, Simon Kewin will be outlining our two levels of participation: Weekly vs. Monthly. It's never too late to sign up. Regardless of your commitment level, WE WANT YOU!
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