Worth the Wait

It looks like my new character Mercer will greet the world this month. I don’t know if that’s such a good thing. He definitely gives new meaning to the term “anti-hero.”

Back in May, I submitted “Soul Smuggler” to Flash Me Magazine. A month later, Jennifer Dawson responded with a warm rejection, telling me my story needed “a bit more work” before it would be ready for publication. She included feedback from five editors and invited me to submit a rewrite. I did my best to clear up a few issues and sent it back.

Towards the end of summer, Flash Me Magazine announced they were going on indefinite hiatus. Alas, another fine market bites the dust! The final issue’s publication date was postponed from October to December.

Last week, I received the following:

I am pleased to announce that we’d like to publish “Soul Smuggler” in our special Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror issue, debuting December 31, 2010! Following are some of the editorial comments.

EDITOR #1: Yes. The answers to my previous concerns were a bit weak, but I still love the voice and the tone. It's a much stronger story now.

EDITOR #2: Yes. I rather like the theme.

EDITOR #3: No. While the rewrite made it a better story, I still have difficulty connecting with the piece.

EDITOR #4: Yes. It's a neat, original idea, and well-written.

EDITOR #5: Yes. This is a rewrite, and the changes were very good. I liked it before; I really enjoy it now.

EDITOR #6: No. I didn't feel it had enough grounding detail, and I can't figure out why this man is special.

You’ll have to wait and see, EDITOR #6. I’ve got three other Mercer tales out to various markets, and if all goes well, you’ll be reading more about him in the near future.
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