Write1Sub1 is a great idea in theory. In practice ... it’s been one heck of a week.

I started out strong, modifying the  “Doppelganger” tale I wrote last October to work as a serial for Fried Fiction. I submitted it last Saturday, and for a few hours thought it would count as my weekly W1S1 story.

But then I got to talking with myself.

“Self,” I said, “isn’t that a bit on the wimpy end of the spectrum? Submitting a story you’ve already written in a different format and pretending it’s something new?”

“Hmmm,” I pondered. “I suppose you’re right, Self.”

Head on straight, I was prepared to tackle my first week of W1S1…

Sunday: Started on a sequel for my “Captain Quasar” tale — kind of tough, considering the untimely demise of the characters, but I was able to work around it. Pounded out 900 words and called it a night around the time I received a rejection letter from the Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Monday: Received three more rejections from other markets and decided to spend the evening revising and resubmitting two of them. Also had rewrites of “Leap Day” for Port Iris Magazine and “The Second Option” for Bards and Sages Quarterly on my plate. Ol’ Quasar ended up on the metaphorical back burner.

Tuesday: Resubmitted the remaining two stories after giving them a good tweaking; finished the first drafts of my “Leap Day” and “The Second Option” rewrites.

Wednesday: Got back to “Captain Quasar” with another 2K or so; added another 1K to “Starlight.”

Thursday: Finished the first draft of “Captain Quasar” — Yahoo!

Friday: Started revisions, cutting "Quasar" down to 4000 words for Ray Gun Revival.

Tonight: Send it out.

Next week: Try not to pack so much in; focus on the week’s story before any resubmissions / rewrites; finish “Starlight.”
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