"One More Tuesday" in Allegory

Good things come in two's? I reckon so. After seeing "Soul Smuggler" published yesterday, closing out 2010 on a positive note, I woke up to welcome 2011 with another short story appearing online. Happy New Year!

"One More Tuesday" has a little history behind it. I wrote the original version ("Tuesdays") over ten years ago, and it won second place in a college competition. Not bad, considering. But then I stashed it away, never to be seen again -- or so I thought.

The fall of 2009 marked the beginning of my journey into the Published Land. I started writing short stories for publication and revising old ones, breathing new life into them (I hoped). "Tuesdays" gained another 2,000 words as well as a darker overall theme and new title in the process, survived multiple rewrites, and then stumbled off into cyberspace in search of fame and fortune.

Strange Horizons, Shimmer, and The Red Penny Papers all had some nice things to say, but it ultimately didn't work for them. Nor did it find favor with eight other venues, one of which held onto it for five months only to reject it in the end.

But thanks to Ty Drago at Allegory, this story is finally greeting the world today.

As always, thanks for reading. And may this year be the best ever for us all!
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