Rhythmic Breathing

What a difference a week makes. Last Friday, I was dealing with some major stress juggling rewrites, resubmissions, and revising my Write1Sub1 weekly story. This time around, I've managed to minimize distractions by focusing on finishing my W1S1 project(s) first. No rewrites for magazines, no resubmissions of rejected stories, no social networking until I finish that blasted first draft.

Sunday: Wrote a Twitter tale for Trapeze about a 5-year-old hellion; based it on a conversation I heard down in the parking lot of my condo complex; also wrote the first half of a romantic zombie flash.

Monday: Had the tweet-sized tale accepted by Trapeze -- it will appear on their site March 8th; finally finished the first draft of "Starlight" at 5,000 words.

Tuesday: Finished the first draft of the zombie flash at 1,000 words; started revisions.

Wednesday: Worked on a rewrite requested by Golden Visions Magazine for my story "Breathe" about a boy who is able to breathe underwater; the editor seemed to like the original version, but she wants to know HOW my protagonist can breathe underwater; pondered multiple possibilities; started revising the zombie flash.

Thursday: Went through five or six revisions of my zombie flash and submitted it to Ideomancer; found out The Red Penny Papers has posted the titles of their upcoming spring issue stories; among them: "Coyote Cal's Guide to the Weird, Wild West" by yours truly; I am so darned excited about this one!

Friday: Started revising "Starlight" for next week; plan to submit it to Fantasy; heard back from Tor.com that they still have the story I submitted to them last May.

And in other news, Every Day Fiction is sending notices to the authors included in their upcoming "best of" anthology; "Captain Quasar" is #3 on their Top 10 list, so I'm hopeful.
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