so close + story sale

In honor of this month’s hearts and roses in abundance, I give you my tweet-sized tale “Writer’s Block”, courtesy of Seedpod. You could probably read it five or six times without blinking—not that you’d care to.

This week, my Write1Sub1 story “Starlight” was held for consideration by Shimmer, and while I tried not to get my hopes up about this one, I’m afraid I did anyway. I’ve been submitting to Shimmer for over a year now, ever since I started this journey to publication back in 2009. Every rejection letter from editor E. Catherine Tobler and associates has been warm, positive, and constructive; my stories just haven’t been a good fit. “Starlight” on the other hand, was well-liked by the editorial board. In the end, however: “There was a tendency to focus more on the irrelevant than the relevant. Don't tell the reader the boring parts; tell only the interesting parts, and start with a harder punch.”

Was this a request for a rewrite? No. But I’ll keep their suggestions in mind. For now, I’m continuing to shop the story around as-is, and I’m sure that after a few more rejections, I’ll be willing to make some major changes.

In other news, my story “Doppelgänger Mine” has been accepted by Fried Fiction for a serialized run and can be read here. This one suffered rejection at the hands of four markets before I thought of submitting it as a serial. Fried Fiction bought the first installment (1,000 words), and now that it's been posted, I’ll be able to add subsequent episodes in the weeks to follow. I haven’t decided yet how I plan to divide this 5,000-word story, but I’m thinking five flash-sized chapters in five weeks should work.

> Write1Sub1 Update: 7 stories submitted in 7 weeks, plus some Twitter fiction.
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