Just Keep Writing

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this special update:
  • Short stories currently making the rounds: 28
  • Stories held for consideration: 1 with Abandoned Towers, 1 with Flag Ship, 1 with Andromeda Spaceways
  • W1S1 short stories yet to be published:  14
  • W1S1 microfiction/haiku yet to be published: 19
  • Pre-W1S1 short stories yet to be published: 12
  • Reprints waiting to be published again—the greedy little devils: 2
  • Microfiction/poetry accepted for publication this year: 30
  • Short stories accepted for publication this year: 8
  • Short stories published this year: 8
  • My growth as a writer: PRICELESS.
Those of you who have followed our progress at Write1Sub1 already know how much I respect Ray Bradbury. He's always said the more you practice and perfect your craft, the better you're going to be at it. But recently I stumbled upon this quote from another prolific writer, Richard Matheson, who puts it this way:

"I say the same thing Ray Bradbury said. He said, 'God bless you, write 52 stories a year.' Write. You write. That’s the only way. You keep writing and if you have any talent at all, which of course is a necessity, you will get better and better as you write. But you got to keep writing. You should not go to those classes or seminars or sit around some guru and talk literature. You’ll never get anywhere that way. It’s pleasant. It’s enjoyable, but the only thing a writing class has to offer is that you have to write. You should instill that in yourself. Be persistent and constantly write in whatever field that appeals to you most. You’ve got to keep writing. That’s the only answer."

I think I've written some of my best work this year. Now if only the editors would agree!
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