Two Years and Counting

Time passes faster the older we get. Some experts attribute it to our spending so much of our daily lives on autopilot, always looking ahead to the next thing instead of living in the moment. Maybe they're full of crap. All I know is, the last two years have really flown by for me.

On July 13, 2009, I submitted my first short story for publication: "Just Beneath the Surface" to Strange Horizons. I was dreaming BIG right out of the starting gate, and I received a personal rejection as my reward—so far, the only non-form letter from that market. The editor liked my "world-building" but didn't care for my "horror-type" ending. I've revised it 16 times since and received positive remarks from other editors, but no takers yet. Currently, it's in the possession of Albedo One.

Two years ago, I didn't have a single thing published. I didn't have this blog. I wasn't part of an online community of writers. But I did have a desire to write, something I've been infected with since I was 12. I also had five short stories I'd written in college and three novel-length manuscripts. I'd tried to snag an agent to represent me and my novels, succeeding partially with a handful only to have them respond later that they wouldn't be a "good fit" for my work.

Now? I've written and submitted 57 short stories, 16 of which have been published. I've made my first pro-paying sale to Daily Science Fiction (earlier this month). I'm working with Claire Eddy, an editor at TOR/Forge Books, to polish up my story "Pearls Before Swine" for Criminal Element. I started Write1Sub1 with two fellow writers, and I'm producing some of my best work this year.

Living in the moment. Writing my stories. Enjoying the journey.
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