"A Creature Stirring" @ 10Flash Quarterly

“Don’t leave me in here.”

Alfred shut the closet door on his kid sister, blind to her trembling, deaf to her whispered pleas.

“It’s too dark. Please, Alfie.”

Alfred held the doorknob in place, resisting Lillie’s attempts to turn it from inside.

“I won’t be a pest, I promise.”

“You must be quiet,” he hissed, pressing his forehead against the cool semi-gloss. “Remember?”

“But that was just a story, Alfie. It’s not real.”

This story was my Write1Sub1 from Week#35, and it's the second submission I've had accepted by 10Flash. (The first one, "Suburban Legend", appeared in their October 2010 issue.) This time, the common prompt was It's quiet. Too quiet. So if you have the time, check out the other stories in this issue and see which direction my fellow writers took in telling their tales. You might be surprised.

And, by the way, Cat Rambo appears just before me in the lineup. How freakin' cool is that? 
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