"I Am FanFare" @ MindFlights

"It's been a long road, getting from there to here..."

After two years, sixteen submissions and fifteen rejections, my story "I Am FanFare" is finally available for you to read here, thanks to the editors at MindFlights who have graciously offered it a good home.

Originally entitled "Attack of the Killer Online Social Network," this story has seen its share of form letter rejections, short lists, and personal rejections—both warm and cold. Through it all, I revised and edited and resubmitted, knowing that someday it would be published.

Here's a sampling of the feedback I received that gave me hope along the way:

"It's a clever piece and generally well-written, but ultimately it didn't stand out to me enough for a buy." 

"While I enjoyed the amiable voice and the subject matter, I felt the story was too long for what it was." 

"All of the editors at Electric Spec enjoyed your story and we encourage you to try us again."

"The story didn't quite work for me, though I did like the ending." 
—Neo-opsis Science Fiction

"While the subject matter is of interest to our readers and the story is well written, the story itself does not fit in well with our current releases." 
—Alternative Coordinates

And last, but not least, my all-time favorite:

"While this story isn't quite right for us, we thought your writing was very strong and would love to see more of your work, if you should so desire!" 

All this to say, never give up on your stories. Sure, some may require a few more revisions than others, but don't ever lose heart. Believe in your work, and believe in yourself.

And while you're at it, check out "I Am FanFare" at MindFlights. Here's the teaser:

For Hermann Nesmith, the FanFare online network is the social life he's always wantedbut the new "friend" he's made might not be 100% human...

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