"You Kill Me" @ Misfit Magazine

Looking at you now, it’s tough sometimes to see the person I fell in love with. Your eyes, once hazel with enough blue in them to capture my attention, pulsate blood-clotted, staring at me with a hunger different from what overcame us in the back of your Toyota 4Runner all those years ago. Your lips, soft and tender back then, crack like dry plaster, gaping at me from where I’ve got you trussed up to the oven door. You grunt words I can't understand — maybe not even words at all. Primal needs.

Hunger. Thirst.

This was my Write1Sub1 from all the way back in January (Week #2), and it survived 5 rejections before finding a good home at Misfit Magazine.

I don't usually follow trends. When vampires were in, I refused to pursue the blood-sucking hordes to fame and fortune even though I was a big fan of Joss Whedon's Angel, once upon a time. Earlier this year, it seemed like zombies were everywhere, on TV and in themed anthologies. I resisted as long as I could. But I had this story to tell, and the zombie metaphor works perfectly, I think.

At some point, haven't we all been consumed by an unhealthy relationship?
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