Has it been two years already?

In November of 2009, I took my first tentative steps into the blogosphere as an unpublished writer with one story scheduled to appear online the following January. I'd attended a writer's conference where blogging was encouraged as a way for writers to create a web presence and start building a following.

They failed to mention what blogging really is: participating in a freakin' awesome community of writers! But that's okay. I learned it soon enough.

If we were to revisit my 1-year anniversary post from November 2010, we'd see that I managed by that point to have 5 short stories published, 25 others out on submission, 156 blog followers, and 8,000 blog hits. I also joined Twitter as a way to keep my reader(s) up to date on the latest writing-related news.

In the past 12 months, however, my stats have grown by leaps and bounds—in no small part thanks to Write1Sub1 and various BlogFests.

> Published: 18 short stories (not including reprints) with 9 more accepted for publication, as well as some microfiction and haiku

> Current Submissions: 47

> Current W1S1 Word Count: 132,000

> Blog Followers: 360

> Blog Hits: 39,000

I also created a Facebook "writer" page as a way to post updates longer than 140 characters and graphics for my published tales. (Honestly, I have almost as much fun putting those graphics together as I do writing the stories.)

What's next? More weekly posts, more published work, more friendships forged with fellow writers—that much I can promise. Thank YOU for a great year, my readers. Onward and upward!
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