Jennifer’s eyes reminded him of cheese. Something about the way they oozed cream while she argued her point, like they were liquefying and he had to quick find some tortilla chips while the stuff was fresh...

My one and only stab at bizarro fiction is greeting the world again, thanks to the kind folks at Liquid Imagination. This story originally appeared at Linger Fiction which, alas, is no more. I'm honored to say my work has appeared in three straight issues of  Liquid Imagination, and I plan to keep submitting there because it's a cool venue, and because Bob Eccles reads the audio version. I'm pretty sure he'd make even the classifieds sound good!

Back in July, writer/blogger/book reviewer Jeff Chapman had this to say about it:

What if the Soviets had won the Cold War? What if a mysterious green cloud had washed over the United States of the early 1970s, leaving every American dumb, as in unable to speak, and unable to use their feet? What would happen to all the shoe stores? Is there any hope for people reduced to such desperate circumstances? Is there any hope if they can trade a handful of crowns for some cheese and chips?

In other news, I'm still on track with Write1Sub1 (48 short stories written and submitted in 48 weeks), and I'm looking forward to "Write1Sub1 Reloaded" in 2012. I'm planning to drop from the weekly to the monthly challenge so I can focus more on my neglected novel-length projects. One in particular has garnered an editor/publisher's interest, and it involves a certain character you might be familiar with if you're a regular.

More on that in the weeks to come!
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