Should I tell this sordid tale at the beginning or the end — or halfway through, toss you into the pool in medias res and watch you sink or swim?

The story already has an inherent flaw to it, as you've undoubtedly noticed: I'm the one narrating the thing. So you know there won't be much at stake for me. I'll live through it.

But what about my victims?

Let's start with my closet. The faces hanging inside are not my own. They sag on their hangers, rubbery flesh with empty eye holes and mouths that gape askance when I slide open the door to pick and choose from among them. Who will I be today?

The kind folks at Musa Publishing have released an eBook of my short story "Identity Thief", and let me tell you, working with the editors, graphic designers, and marketing team at Musa has been a great experience. The final product is pretty spiffy, to boot. I have the PDF version to call my own, and it's formatted to look like, well, a book! I even had the opportunity to write a blurb for the "back" of it:

How safe is your identity? You shred your bank statements, refuse to buy anything online, avoid sharing your social security number in public. You think you’re so secure.

I’ve been watching you.  And I think your face will look amazing in my closet.

This story was my Write1Sub1 for week #17 last year, and it grew exponentially from a haiku I originally submitted and later had published in Scifaikuest last fall:

identity theft / faces hang in my closet / so many choices

So what do you get when you blend elements of horror and romance? That's right: horromance. While this one isn't nearly as gory as "You Kill Me", it does have some dark themes; but there's a positive message I'm trying to get across through all the macabre undertones, and I hope it's well-received. I've already sold a few copies through Musa and Amazon, and like every other struggling writer in this industry dominated by social networking, I'd appreciate as many "likes" and reviews as you, your friends, and your family feel led to give.

You can get your copy of "Identity Thief" straight from Musa Publishing (in PDF to read on your computer, or in eReader formats) and Amazon (Kindle format only).

As always, thanks for reading.
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